About Me


From the age of 16, after having a health scare, I very quickly packed on the pounds and inches. I tried every diet under the sun, joined a gym, hired a personal trainer, whatever new fad was out there, I tried it. I initially would lose the weight, and then it would come right back! I was tired of my yo-yo weight!



After years of these fad diets and programs, I had wreaked havoc on my insides, and it eventually caught up with me. I was always lethargic, unfocussed, and couldn't sleep well at night. My headaches had begun turning into migraines and worst of all, I would faint for no reason mid-sentence. With countless trips to the ER room and no explanation from doctors, I never once thought NUTRITION could be the missing piece of the puzzle.



I was introduced to this program, and gave it a try, not expecting much. To my surprise, not only did my health issues begin to disappear, my energy levels increased! I was happy again after a very long time. My self-esteem had returned and I finally lost the weight that had bothered me for so long. I dropped from a size 8 to a size 2 dress size, and was down 25lbs in just 2 months! This was without the aid of exercise! 


Keeping it Off​

The beauty of this program is that if done correctly, the weight does not come back! Once the toxins had been released, the fat cells have no reason to return. My weight stayed off for 4 years! Right up until I got pregnant with my second child.


Helping Others

After going through my own journey, I realized I have a passion for health and wellness! I started sharing my knowledge with those around me in 2013. I established my business, and as time went on, more clients came my way via word of mouth and referrals. I expanded my business into 4 countries, and currently coach others online and via phone, across the US, Canada, UK and Australia. I will be expanding into New Zealand soon!


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Sheela Malik