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"Overweight, depressed, even suicidal due to my appearance, this program changed my life!"
                                        - Sumreen Khan

"I wanted my body back after having my second baby, at 3 months postpartum, I look the best I ever have!"
                                                    - S. M.

"After years of eating unhealthy and completely letting go of myself, Sheela helped me turn back 19 years of weight gain! I'm at my high school graduation weight now!"
                                                        - Saad Ahmed

"I have PCOS so always find it difficult to lose weight. I am down from a dress Size 14 to Size 8 in just 2 months, and I feel amazing!"
                                           - Zainab Doctor

"Overweight, diabetic on insulin, and tired all the time. This program gave me my life back!"
                                                - F. Tariq

"I was not happy with how I looked. Two weeks in, I lost 1.5" off my waist! By the 30 days, I was down to Size 6 from a 10!"
                                         - S. Hasnain                                                      (Canada)

"I have PCOS and pre-diabetic. After having my baby it was a struggle to lose weight. 12" lost in 30 days with Sheela!"
                                                   - F. Feroz

"Swelling of my ankles, low energy, and always feeling bloated...Not anymore! This program works! I dropped from 3X in dress size to XL! 
                                                - Faria Shah                                                         (Canada)

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Testimonial of our client

This is more than just weight loss! The skin is one of our elimination organs so absolutely shows a drastic change with our program! Very happy to hear about hair fall being reduced and having more energy! Well Done!