Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is this program different from other programs out there?

This program is designed to target the toxins of your body, because of which your excess fat cells would disappear by default. Along with tons of other great effects! You can read more about Nutritional Cleansing here.


2. Is this a liquid diet, or require juicing?
No. This program is not a liquid diet, nor does it require juicing. There is lots of eating and drinking throughout the day. Click here to see what your day would look like.


3. Is this like a keto or Atkin's diet?
This is not a keto diet nor Atkins. We do not cut carbs or count calories. We teach you a healthy lifestyle by temporarily removing certain allergenic or acidic foods. So yes, you can have pasta everyday, as long as it abides to our list of approved ingredients for the program.

4. This sounds like healthy/clean eating, why do I need your nutritional products to supplement with then? 
Humans have been supplementing with herbs for years to give our bodies those essentials that are missing from our daily diets. By eating clean, you still are not able to remove the toxins and fully clean out the organs. That is where our nutritional products come in. Think of it like a cleaning crew that comes and cleans every inch of your house, including unclogging drains! They help to hit restart on our system!

5. Are your products allergen free? Like dairy, gluten and soy?

Absolutely! We are certified Vegan (so dairy free), Certified Gluten free, and do not use any soy in our products. 


6. Are vegetarians or vegans able to take these products?
Yes! All of our products are Vegan certified.

7. Are these products Certified Kosher or Halal?
Yes! All of our nutritional products are Kosher Certified. They have also recently received Halal Certification with IFANCA.


8. Can this program and products be used by pregnant women, or nursing moms?
Yes. These products can be taken by pregnant women and nursing moms. There is nothing in them to harm the human body. If you are in doubt, please ask for a complete ingredient list to share with your doctor.


9. Can these products be used by children or seniors?
Yes. These products are super safe and the entire program can be used by both. They are actually an excellent replacement of popular drinks like Ensure. Do consult a doctor with the ingredients to rule out any specific reason not to.

10. I have a medical condition, can I still do this program?
Although we have worked with people with all sorts of conditions, we are not doctors. You are welcome to contact us and share your concerns. We also encourage you to please consult with your medical practitioner to ensure that a program like our is safe for you to use, along with our products.


11. Do I have to workout or exercise to get results with this program?
There is no requirement to exercise while doing our program. However, doing so will give you even better results!

12. What happens if I do not get results? Is there some kind of guarantee?
There is a 45 day guarantee on the products you have purchased from the day of order, if you are not satisfied. Although very few of our clients have ever returned, since the program WORKS!

13. What kind of support would I receive during the program?

You will be in touch with your coach, Sheela Malik. You will have access to her cell phone and will also be added to a private support group on Facebook, that will help you with your program, with countless coaches to help answer questions.

14. What happens after the 30 Days are over?

Once the 30 days are over, we teach you how to re-introduce the foods that you had cut out of your daily routine. You will one by one add them back in, and will be able to identify which of those ingredients your body does not like (ex. Some people get headaches from sugar, or bloating with gluten). You can then incorporate your newly learned information about your body into your life. Most people use a 80/20 rule.


15. Which countries is this program available in?
We are currently operating in 6 countries. These include Canada, US, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Poland.
We do not currently ship our products to any other countries.



Still have more questions?
Please send us an email, we will get back to you within 48 hours!

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