What is Nutritional Cleansing?

Nutritional Cleansing focuses on cleaning the environment inside the body, versus just shrinking fat cells.

Detoxing is not about a quick fix, it's about CHANGING the environment inside our bodies to be a place where only HEALTH can exist!


And when we do this we experience incredible results - we have more energy, we lose weight, we sleep better, we have less pain, our skin clears up, etc. but not because we tried to quick fix a symptom it's because we CHANGED the environment! 

To understand this, we must understand how the elimination organs of the body work, and how we can use them to get our "spring cleaning" done, not for our house, but our bodies!

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Signs You Need to Detox

Elimination Organs

The 5 main organs involved in the elimination process are the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and the skin. These organs work together seamlessly to ensure that our body is able to survive our environment.


When we fill our bodies with toxins from our food, environment, poor lifestyle, even personal use products, we end up “clogging the drain” per se, basically not allowing our eliminating organs to eliminate the toxins in our body correctly or fast enough.


Using a bathtub analogy, basically your organs are bathtubs, and the drain is clogged, so the toxins overflow into the rest of the body, instead of going through the correct channels to be eliminated.

Once you have loose toxins floating around in your body, your body's natural defence system jumps in, to protect you and prevent these toxins from getting to your vital organs like your heart and brain.

To do this, your body creates fat cells, and wraps them around the loose toxins. Kind of like a bubble wrap for toxins!

Toxic bodies means we also begin experiencing symptoms like headaches, skin problems, PMS, weight gain, thinning of the nails, back pain, and in a more advanced state, even diagnosis like osteoporosis, joint pain, hormone imbalance, hypothyroidism, etc.

Now if we do not find a way to detox these little pockets of toxins, it will wreak havoc on our systems and lead to much worse symptoms than before like chronic inflammation and eventually reaching those vital organs, resulting in a major diagnosis of poor health.

How to Eliminate Toxins?

We successfully eliminate toxins through a combination of eating clean to reduce the toxic load, and supplementing with healthy nutritional products that work as a system together, to support each of our elimination organs.

Doing this for 30 days gives our bodies a chance to get back to functioning at their best. And so the weight management and fat loss becomes a great healthy side effect of creating a healthy environment in our bodies.

Why Not Only
Diet or Exercise?

When you diet or exercise, you shrink the fat cells. The toxins that were in those fat cells remain in the body, which triggers the body to create MORE fat cells to store them in (sound familiar? Yo-yo weight!) and therefore we gain the weight back! That’s why diets don’t work!

So what we should do is allow our bodies a chance to reset, and clean out the toxins in the fat cells, allowing the elimination organs to get back to work. Once the toxins are gone, the fat cells disappear as well!

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