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How to Know The Ideal Food, Portion and Eating Time for Yourself?

Even those who are looking to gain weight, the process is much more than just eating whatever you come across.

In that context, getting in better shape and adopting a healthier lifestyle is beyond the impulsive efforts, requiring a much strategic (and smarter) approach.

So, irrespective of the health goals you’re pursuing, not only should you know what’s the ideal food per your unique needs, but you must also know what is the right portion and eating time.

While Google knows about us an awful lot, there’s a good chance that a basic search would give anything more than just the generic answers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should guesswork. Here’s how to find your “right” and “ideal”…

What’s the Ideal Food for You?

Generally, irrespective of shape and fitness level you’re trying to achieve, you would need a sufficient intake of all the essential nutrients: protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and more.

But the amount and source of these nutrients would vary widely depending on your existing health condition and goals. An apple a day can (or cannot) keep a doctor away. However, due to the high level of sugar and cyanide, it might not necessarily be the right choice for you. Similarly, the healthiest of foods might be good for others – they might not be good you.

So,just Googling “Top 10 healthiest foods” and then setting your diet accordingly isn’t a very sane idea. Consulting a weight loss specialist and then progressively adjusting your meals is always a better idea. Depending on your distinct needs, a professional can make you personalized recommendations.

Beyond finding you the ideal foods, a qualified professional can help you better understand your health, its requirements and how you can live the healthiest life without completely ignoring delicious foods.

So, as vague as it may sound, when trying to figure out your perfect diet, it’s always recommended to consult a professional.

What’s the Right Portion Size for You?

Three meals a day is a big mistake; worse, even, if your meals are packed with junk foods.

Eating three large meals with big hours left unattended in between deprive our body of its need for a constant inflow of nutrients. This not only, at times, leads to instances of under-nutrition or malnutrition, it also negatively affects the way our body processes and utilizes the nutrients consumed in the previous meal.

Instead of eating three times in large quantities, experts recommend that people should eat in small quantities throughout the day after every 2-3 hours.

Now, how “small” should be your small-quantity meals vary on your BMI, calorie requirements and fitness goals. Moreover, finding your right portion size isn’t a one-time thing. It must be consistently adjusted as per how your body is reacting to the current meals and the portion. So, there isn’t a hard rule. It involves proper planning, measuring, adjusting and improving.

Again, a professional specialist for weight loss can provide you with adequate tools and knowledge to find you your right food portion.

What’s the Right Time to Eat?

Since you’re having small meals every 2-3 hours, this one is easier to calculate based on the time you wake up and the time you sleep.

Get up in the morning and have a pre-breakfast meal, which would usually include something like healthy snacks. For those who can't have a heavy meal first thing, they can have a light snack to get their system moving. Between then and till your breakfast, it’s recommended you do some basic workout every day.

Your breakfast, comparatively, should be slightly heavier vs. other meals so to fuel your tank sufficiently for the rest of the day. From then, have your foods, per your weight loss specialist’s recommendations, every 2-3 hours.

Remember, eating frequently might sound easy – but it’s far from it; more so, if your diet is packed with tasteless foods in the name of “healthy”. So, proper diet planning would play a crucial role in how well you stick to your “right time to eat” routine.

For any personalized help or information, kindly get in touch with Sheela Malik. She is a certified health coach who works with hundreds of clients from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, helping them achieve the right health and lifestyle through her acclaimed program. Find more about her here.

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