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Why Protein is Important – 5 Irrefutable Benefits of This Nutrient

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

You’ve likely heard an awful lot about how important protein is for our body. Indeed, it is one of the most essential nutrients of all. BUT WHY?

Why do experts swear by protein? Why is it an important ingredient in solutions to virtually every health and fitness requirement?

Here are five irrefutable benefits of protein that science has confirmed:

1. Increases muscle strength and mass

This is the biggest reason why protein makes for an important part in the diet of the athletes and bodybuilders.

Our muscles are made of protein. More consumption of this nutrient, which acts as the building blocks, adds more mass and strength to the muscles.

So, if you’re looking to bulk up and get a better aesthetic, increasing your protein intake is an essential part of the process.

2. Helps lose weight faster

There are several ways how protein affects our health.

Foremost, it reduces your appetite by making you feel full. It also helps prevent your cravings for snacks. This translates into you eating a smaller portion, which reduces your calorie intake.

Increasing your protein intake also boosts metabolism, which helps you burn more calories faster.

In addition, protein plays a crucial role in maintaining your weight. Once you have achieved your fitness goals, protein can help you maintain your weight, preventing you from regaining those extra pounds

All these combined, protein can help you lose weight faster and get in the desired shape.

3. Maintains blood pressure

There have been many studies done over the years that conclude that protein helps lower blood pressure.

And not just that; the nutrient also positively affects various other risk factors of heart disease like cholesterol and triglycerides.

So, if you’re at risk of cardiovascular disease, increasing your daily protein intake might help you stay on the safer lane.

4. Improves bone health

There’s a reason why orthopedic doctors rely on protein in treating their patients.

It has been well-proven that protein improves bone’s strength, mass, and overall health. And this reduces the risks of osteoporosis and fractures as people get older.

So, adding more protein in your everyday meal can really make a big difference in your future when you’re old.

5. Decreases recovery time

Bodybuilders and athletes consume protein (through bars, shakes and more) after workout sessions because the nutrient helps the body recover faster from wear-tear and injuries.

Protein makes for the main building blocks of our tissues and organs. So, for whatever reason the tissues are torn out or injured, it can speed up the recovery phase, getting you back to the healthier condition sooner than what you would realize.


These are five of the many benefits of protein.

Now you know, give your everyday meal a hard look and see how much of protein are you consuming daily.

If it’s too less, make the necessary changes! Small and progressive changes in your diet to add more of this essential nutrient can make a big difference in not just your health but your overall lifestyle.

That said, you must also make sure to not over-consume protein; it has its own health risks. Instead of DIY, for a better diet, it’s usually a good idea to consult a certified nutrition health coach.

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